Woodbury Park Golf Club

Two's Report for SENIORS OPEN

Thursday 27th July 2023, Yellow Tees, The Oaks

Robert Abel (16)215th
Ian Aplin (11)215th
Malcolm Barrett (15)218th
Keith Bigwood (22)23rd
Alan Bissell (15)23rd
Jonathon Bouchard (20)23rd
Ian Boyd (8)23rd
Ron Brown (7)23rd
Andy Charlick* (10)23rd
Terry Clarke (19)218th
Barry Clayton (14)25th
Alan Clydesdale (16)23rd
Richard Davis (8)23rd
David Dempsey (9)218th
Robert Ellis (8)23rd
steven ham (11)23rd
Mark 2 Harris (14)23rd
Kevin Heard (12)218th
David Hillier (7)23rd
Martyn Hopkins (12)218th
Stephen Knight (15)215th
Darren Lockley (9)25th
David Mansell (19)23rd
Clive Martin (9)23rd
John McPherson (21)218th
Alan Miller (11)25th
Anthony Mills (8)218th
Steve Milton (10)23rd
Richard Neal (11)218th
Paul Newman (13)218th
Ronnie J Owen (9)23rd
Niven Penprase (9)215th
Mark Sangster (11)218th
Kevin Tyler (15)218th
Neil Whisler (4)23rd
Shaun Wilcox (15)23rd

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